Because every running/fitness blog needs a PR page. And #PROOF that I'm really old.

Running (pre-Garmin/pre-kids/pre-old age/pre-tech t-shirts/pre-compression socks/pre-hip crapping out)

Mile:  5:45     (1989)  cross-country

5K:    21:20    (1997)

10K:   43:xx   (1989)

10-mile: 1:12:xx  (1992)

Half-marathon: 1:38:xx (1992)

Marathon:   3:49:20  (1996) read all about how I went out like a rockstar and finished like a pussy

Running (post-kids/post-hip crapping out/post-advent of textile and electronic technological developments)

Mile:   6:47  (October 2012)

5K:     23:11 (November 2012)

10K:   53:17  (August 2012)

Half-marathon:  2:01:xx (October 2011) with excuses

Marathon:  are you fucking kidding me????

Elliptical (yeah, elliptical PR's are a thing. For REAL....shut up)

5K:    17:08   (August 2012)

10K:   37:11   (August 2012)

Half-marathon:   1:23:05   (August 2012)

Marathon:   DNF OMG it was sooooo boring dropped out at 20 miles/2:11:43 (August 2012)

2K Concept2 ergometer: 7:20 (December 1991)

Spirometer:  3250  (April 2014)


  1. Excuse me, what about your elliptical PRs? Those hold some serious bragging rights.

    1. OMFG. how could I forget??? I need to go look those up again. The 2012 Ellimpic Games. I remember being on track for a sub-3 marathon and getting sooooo bored that I pulled a Ryan Hall...dropped out at the 20 ;-) Look for my update tomorrow! Of course you probably saved all my live-tracking texts and so already have the numbers on hand, if not committed to memory ;-)

  2. I hope you still have those texts because they are in the grave with my old phone. Those PRs are amazing. May I point out that you had some decent resistance plugged in I recall. No cake walk.


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