I'm not really an egg.

I run. But am currently on the rehab-from-total-hip-replacement plan. Whether or not I return to running remains to be seen. I have high hopes.

I do other things too.

I have a lot of kids.

They are more work than pets. If you are struggling with a pet, wait a little while to have a kid.

I am a hypocrite.

Example:  I can't stand whiners and their whining, but I like myself just fine and I do my fair share of whining.

I am honest and opinionated and strive to be non-judgmental. That last one is hard sometimes.

I can dish it out and I can take it, but if you get shitty in the comments (i.e. disrespectful) you might be banished from the kingdom.

Am I a MILF? That's in the eye of the beholder. Most days my eye says, "Yes."


  1. Dear MILF runner, I don't understand you blog about not eating and losing weight? then you started eating and ate healthier food regularly... to start running, may I ask how much did you loose? and how are you doing it now I have more questions but am asking cause my lady friend is trying and loosing due to meds she has to take... I do not want her to give up.

  2. Hey, excellent blog, but I have to disagree with you one one minor yet significant point. Kids are NOT more work than kids. Kids grow up, learn to pour their own glass of milk, and brush their teeth (or at least pretend to which was always good enough for me). Eventually, after an aeon or two, they move out (like mine have). Pets are perpetual toddlers. Love your blog. I'm a follower!

    1. By the time the kids have grown up and are asking you to help with big ticket items (med school, a house, a wedding, a divorce...) the dog is dead. Kids are more work. I stand by my statement! Glad to have you! We can agree to disagree ;-)

  3. Dude, kids are way more work than pets! Like the blog btw. Had to finally comment.


Say it. But if you can't own your shit, don't dump it on me.

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