July 1, 2015

Crossing the line...#zealot

I'm really uninspired when it comes to blogging now. I've struggled with continuing along the path of the initial intent of the MILF Runner Blog...a satiric look at healthy living/fitness blogs and the world they inhabit. I guess I just don't really give a shit.

When I started this blog, I had a lot more time on my hands and whole lot of pent up ...feelings regarding my perpetually fucked up hip and the huge damper that put on my life for YEARS. Now that everything is hunky-dory, I have less time and desire to do this. Nonetheless, there are days (like today) when I want to share. It's not funny. It's not satiric. It's not snarky. I'm just fucking around on the computer while my husband and son watch back-episodes of Downton Abbey.


I'm rowing again.

At first it was just a couple of paddles per week after dropping my kids off at school. It was totally low-key and a form of cross-training for my MARATHON that happened in early May. Somewhere along the way I got sucked into my psycho friends' training plans.

These are the people who disrupted my calm, sane-ish, chillin' life last fall by inviting me to join them in a race. They made me have fun. Then they started telling me when they were working out, and why not join them...blahblahblah... So I did.

And now I'm a fucking #zealot.


237 minutes of steady state,
 43 minutes of intervals,
 and 22 minutes of racing..
NOT a low-key week.
But man, is it fun!

Nothing like profusely sweating 5 days a week :)

And getting my kids involved...

I've been doing some vigorous hiking as part of the steady state minutes, but this whole falling thing I seem to be into isn't all that awesome...

#selfie immediately after falling because I'm a ...
Falling really hurts. And that's not good for my rowing...let alone life.

Some days I work out 3 times. I'm a housewife. I have the time. I'm telling you...#zealot.

I'm getting faster every day. It's amazing what focusing on training will do for your speed, strength, and fitness. The only downside is the utter disaster that is my house and the deplorable emptiness of my fridge. I nap a lot now. No time for cleaning/tidying up and definitely no time for grocery shopping. I have kids around here somewhere...eating hot dogs and tater tots because why not? They are nitrite/nitrate-free.

But now it's late so I'll abruptly end. I need to go to sleep because I have a big day tomorrow...23 minutes of endurance and I need to jam out some of the race minutes, too. And it's a big lifting day.

I'm telling you...#zealot. I've crossed that line.

– I missed YOU!

What are you training for now?
– I'm planning on racing on 7/12, and I'm kind of scared shitless because I'll be by myself in the single.

Do you trip very often?
– I've been catching my toe on rocks and roots with regularity lately. I think it's because my legs are so tired from all this working out. BUT I CAN'T STOP MYSELF. I'm OBSESSED.


  1. Have always wanted to row... but it was to much trouble to get there! (and I was to busy running)

    Yes MILF I have missed you

    I am training for a couple of trail races, a 25km and a +_40km later this month!

    I ran a lot of trail and have been lucky not to trip that often... on of my friends took a fall this last weekend!

    I also need to write another post!

  2. The males in your family watch Downton Abbey? That's amazing. Mine spurn it like I'm trying to talk about lady parts and periods and other 'female' stuff.
    How dare your friends turn you into a rowing zealot! Sneaky - making you have fun. Kind of like recruiting you into a cult.

  3. I can totally understand why you're not all that excited about making fun of HLBs anymore. The formula used by a lot of them - here's my workout, here's what I ate, look at this photo of my StitchFix clothes! - is mind-numbing.

    BUT I love it when you post about rowing, and I would like for you to post more!

    I'm training for a half-ironman right now and my training calendar - I've actually written stuff out on a paper calendar, much to my husband's endless amusement - looks a lot like yours. I'm sure some might say it's weird to train this much, but I don't know, I love it. And what else am I going to do with my time? Clean my house? Buy crap I don't need? Watch crappy TV? As if. This is way more fun.

  4. I've been waiting for you to post and figured you were getting your row on....which is GREAT!!!! Good luck in your upcoming race you #badass! (working out 3 times a day?!?!?! #craziness :) )

  5. I'd really like it if you'd blog more often. I promise I'll be a regular again just as soon as I find your subscription e button...where is it? Anyway this post even inspired lazy old me to get my butt off the couch and maybe walk to the fridge to fetch my left over macaroni and cheese instead of sending one of the kids to do my bidding. I'm so envious. I miss being a #zealot Now I have to starve myself and purge to stay thin. And good on you for taking up rowing away!


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