February 22, 2015

I know you all want to see my chafed ass.

But you'll have to wait. Or scroll to the end of the post. #spoiler

Of course it is in horrifically poor taste for me to post a pic of my chafed ass on the internet, but the internet was MADE for horrifically poor taste.

So little to say and so much time...where to start? where to go? who cares? wheeEEEEEEE!!!!!

It's been a really long time since I've shared anything on this blog. That is no accident. I'm sick of all the negativity around these parts. Snark may get you attention, but it's way too painful to hate-read lame blogs (like I have any right to talk) and asshole-riddled websites to gather material. I have a life to live. People to care for. Workouts to do. Gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free, potato-free, fish-free food to eat. Books to read. And I much prefer Instagram...it's perfect for a lazy oversharer like myself.

I posted this on Instagram.
It is a lie.
Here in California, winter is NEVER coming.
Okay, I didn't read that book. It's FICTION. Instead I just spent the last three weeks reading Ken Follett's most recent trilogy. HISTORY, people. FACTS. Unbiased FACTS. Well...at least it was a great read. I haven't enjoyed reading so much since I cranked on the Game of Thrones series last spring

I really hope you clicked that link because then you can do a 10-month comparison of my rockin' scar...

It isn't raised at all. Yay.
That's my right hip...it's a mirror image because
I took the picture looking into a mirror.
I wanted to show you how cool it is that my
 incision is perfectly nestled into that notch
between the muscles, illustrating the minimally-
invasive anterior approach procedure.

My hip is healing amazingly.

I haven't run since my little jog the weekend before Christmas (wetting my pants isn't my jam), but I'm finally training for my marathon walk scheduled for early May as well as rowing a few times a week and lifting some weights.

Hiking in beautiful places in our non-winter.

I found Dora on my long (3.5 hours) hike last week.
Note: blue skies and lack of winter.

No negativity...


lost in space photo: Danger Will Robinson lostinspacedwr.gif


...except when a tiny lint ball finds its way into your
rowing shorts and abrades the fuck out of your ass.

Life is pretty great right now...even with that abrasion on my ass and a completely nonsensical, rarely attended to blog.

How are you? Any abrasions or signs of winter in your life?


  1. While we're not supposed to hate on other bloggers, I am hating on you for your lack of winter. Ours has been miserable. But as a blogger, I will turn that frown upside down and look at it this way: I will be in Napa in five short days. Want to join me for a drink?

    1. I thought hating on other bloggers was what we're supposed to do. Shit. I missed that memo :(

      Napa is too close to say "no." Tell me when.

    2. Seriously? That would be great. I'll be there Fri-Tues (dumb race is on Sunday). I'll text you soon so that you have my number and then we can arrange an official, blogger MEET UP!

  2. I've heard about that rowing ass-chafing phenomenon from my sister. And about the first shower post-chafe.

  3. OUCH.
    On the bright side, your scar looks amazing! I'm definitely in that raised-scar camp... :/ #ScarEnvy

    1. It STILL hurts a week later. I'm getting worried about septicemia. Though it might just be extra painful because it's exactly on my sit-bone :(

  4. I totally scrolled down to see if there was an ass pic before going back up and reading this post. Abrasions aside, I'm glad you've rediscovered the sport and you're able to obsess over something that's not gonna tear your hips all to shit. Also, you look happy. Also, nice ass.

    1. Of course you did. I'm strangely sad you doubted me. You should have known I'd jump at the chance to post partial self-nudity. And thanks for the compliment :)

      I still can't get past how fat my shoulder looks though. #selfflagellation #distortedbodyimagefueledbywideanglelens

  5. Yeah buddy! Thanks for the ass shot. I'm good for the week! I have some running rash I could show you......naw....I don't even want to look at it!

  6. fack. winter running always means ass chafe. HATE!!!! (But mine is pretty good and don't acceptable for the interwebs! I also scrolled down to see the chafe prior to reading the rest of the blog. AND you blog isn't blocked at work! WIN!!! Your scar - and weather - is looking phenomenal!

    1. So interesting my blog isn't blocked...I just received a notice from Blogger that I've been flagged for obscene images, nudity, graphic photos, somesuchbullshit and they are going to close me down to the general public. I need to make an online petition! KEEP MILFRUNNER OPEN TO THE PUBLIC!

    2. #savemymilf now if THAT doesn't get some attention...what will? WTF blogger? you have no appreciable filth - you need to try harder. fuck I better do a bloggy update, speaking of filth

  7. I see ya, shut down didn't happen...and no one can tell that's your ass! Post a better pic next time! Geez :)
    Glad you are doing well, you look super happy rowing, I am glad you are back at it.

  8. I prefer Instagram for the exact same reason.


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