December 18, 2014

Saturday is the big day. My first post-surgery run...I hope.

It'll be super short. I'm gunning for a quarter of a mile. Lofty goal, I know. I'm optimistic that it will go well because I've been #crosstraining.

I was going to include some pictures in this post, mostly because what's a blog post without pictures? But it's late and I'm lazy. And my blogging mojo is on hiatus. And so fuck it.

You'd think I was busy, but I'm not.

Well, except for the four kids thing and the hour commute each way to their school. And the rowing thing. I'd forgotten how much rowing is my jam. I've not yet returned to Zealot Status...and I hope to not...but it's hard to resist. I just love it so much. The problem with this is two-fold: 1) rowing is not relatable to anyone who reads this blog and 2) everyone in the blogosphere loves following a zealot. Maybe I'll just cave to the draw and train like an asshole to the exclusion of all else in life and pretend like I've got a legit shot at the 2016 Olympic team. That would be some #blogworthy shit. If only I still had that cane...

But I am going to try running on my hip replacement. As someone who strives to maintain a quality blog, I feel it is my duty to do things that are counterintuitive and not exactly in line with my doctor's recommendations. He didn't say "no", so there's room for interpretation. Right?

Have you ever ignored a doctor's recommendation... with regards to running or otherwise?
–see what I did there? one question but utilizing the ENTIRE rainbow!

December 9, 2014

Taking copycat blogging to the next level with...FOUR WORDS PER PICTURE*

Breakfast is high-fat**...

Did you know they sell bacon at the Whole Foods breakfast bar?
You can get a whole box of bacon for 72¢
I shouldn't have told the internets it will buy #allthebacon.
Macadamias are a lot more expensive than bacon.

Someone gouged my pie...

I made the most amazing #foodfree*** pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving.
It was so good I single-handedly ate 3/4 of it.
Then I made another one.
Which someone fucking gouged.

We played CandyLand BACKWARDS!

Because it was backwards CandyLand and I was the green gingerbread man,
this photo depicts me #WINNING
Don't let anyone tell you is ALL ABOUT WINNING
especially when you're playing against kindergarteners.

I really do row...

I feel like I am learning to do this all over again.
Of course it's hard to really tell that it's me...
or even a human and not a mosquito out there.

*more words added in the captions because four is never enough.

**counting each word in the hyphenated word

***gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free


How many of you saw Penguins of Madagascar?
– it was quite possibly the worst movie-going experience of my life. Even if you were to subtract the obnoxiously, continuously rude and loud eighth graders in the audience, the movie quite possibly took it to that level on its own "merit." Second only to The Nut Job.

How many of you saw The Homesman?
– not my best choice for date-night. Great movie...just not a "pick-me-upper" or "feel-good" flick.

How many of you like bacon and pumpkin pie?
– oh, me! me! me!

How many of you noticed that the first two questions have NOTHING to do with anything else in this post?

How many of you are in marathon training?
– oh, me! me! me! 

How many of you are excited that there are rainbow questions today?

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