November 22, 2014

Companies are smart to not offer me any #freeshit

Apparently I don't do well as a #freeshit recipient.

Yes, I finally was offered some. And it was a product with which I have some experience and even LIKE. So I took it. It was a sweet deal. All I had to do was go to Costco and use a provided gift card to get #nuun.

Yes, Costco carries Nuun...and has since the summer...when they offered this to me. I don't go to Costco often because it's a zoo, and all the slow people getting all impatient everywhere you turn get on my nerves. And the parking lot is MADNESS. But I was kind of excited to have an excuse to go and see what I could spontaneously drop a couple of hundred dollars on (because 2-packs of 750ml Stoli and 5 lbs of kosher Kielbasa sausage and a vat of coconut oil not to mention a case of chicken pot pies are necessities when you're in the moment).

For the record, I exited Costco without a single purchase...because I could not, for the life of me, find the fucking #nuun. Granted, I had brought my kids which means zero ability to focus on finding anything I'm actually looking for.

Obtaining my free shit required a second trip...a kidless one. I found it in the health and beauty section, seriously between the Metamucil and the Polident, which cracked me up. (Does Costco alphabetize?) And then after I got my free Nuun I never wrote anything about it. I suck.

My son and I carried it with us on all of our summer hikes, using my old stash. Oddly, we haven't used any since I got this new supply at Costco. What I've noticed is I've started getting leg cramps in the middle of the night. Wake-me-up-and-bring-me-to-my-knees cramps. This might also have something to do with the fact that I started seriously training again and my electrolyte needs are greater. I'll be breaking out the Nuun for tomorrow's row.

I'll keep you posted on the leg cramp situation.

About my training...

I'm still not running. Remember, not until around Christmas at the earliest. I've started rowing again. My recent race experience got me all fired up. Races tend to do that, don't they? My training consists of this: 1) I get on the rowing machine about 4-5 times a week and go for time with an intensity I'd forgotten I had, 2) I head down to a nearby rowing facility and get on the water 3-4 times a week for some technical skill reacquaintance (it's been a really long time!), and 3) I'm trying to hit the gym 3x/week for strength-building. It is so fun. And it's surgeon-approved.

My new boathouse :)

Sometimes it's really foggy.

Have you ever fucked up a #freeshit deal?
– evidently

Do you find that when you're pleasurably busy and satisfied in life, you tend to blog less?


  1. this sounds familiar. I was offered free Suncups that were sent to the ship I was on (last contract). All I had to do was eat nut free, chocolate sun butter cups (and caramel and mint) and write a blog post about it. Um, I finished my contract 2 days before they got the goods. So I had my friends on the ship eat them and tell me how they were. They did. I never wrote a blog about it. and then I made a new blog. oops. I suck with free shit too. you are one energetic lady - all those kids and still working out and training?! go you! YOU deserve the sun cups (I'd tell them and encourage them to send them to you if I hadn't fu*&#d it up

    1. That sounds like some awesome free shit. It such a bummer you didn't even get to try them. I love abandoning old blogs in favor of new ones and leaving people in the lurch. We have SO MUCH IN COMMON!!!!

  2. I love that you're rowing again! I think there's a spot for you on the 2016 team. Now wait: Costco sells Nuun?? Who the heck knew? I went thru that same scenario looking for ZipFizz and finally, on the second trip, found it among the vitamins and Depends.

    1. It is interesting how Costco merchandises these things!

    2. next to the DEPENDS? shit. literally!!! I will say nuun is NOT at Costco in Canada, which is a pisser. But I have gotten a few free tubes at the past couple ragnars, so I may be good for a while. Since they do not ship to me...I never get sexy offers like this! And. I can never find a damn thing at Costco. Except books I do not need.

  3. I was offered free books in exchange for on-line book reviews. I read a few of the books before realising that I never will get around to reviewing them. I almost did once but the cut-off date to submit reviews was a month before. I'm afraid I can't schedule my reading time around their cut-off dates.

  4. I got an email from Nuun at some point (within the past year) saying that they thought the product would appeal to me and my readers, and asked if I wanted to try some. I was so confused...

    1. I was pretty confused, too. I sent them full disclosure...the chick was unfazed.

  5. I had a friend who was given shoes, but she couldn't run in them so she gave them back!!!

    I love free stuff and evn remember to #them on Facebook!


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