December 1, 2013

Thanksgiving Dinner

...isn't always what you expect.

A sausage and a salad.

The salad was eaten first and fast...
everything was organic and from Trader Joe's...
thank GOD.
The erasers had an Eraser Thanksgiving, dining on...erasers. But what a variety of erasers. The kids were jealous. Pizza and a sandwich...

Beats hot dogs any day.

After my kids finished their Thanksgiving Hot Dogs, they kind of went crazy. So we took the youngest out for a run. We love to get her all wound up and then see how far she'll go...

She likes to simulate upcoming races...
starting out on the road...
...then finishing things up on a "trail" – a dried-up creek bed in this case.
She is going to crush the AR50.
I think kids should start endurance training as early as possible.
Since she did NO running in utero, she is behind the curve and needs to make up for lost time.

After Thursday's culinary less-than festivities with extended family (which was fun just not particularly foodie), we decided that we really wanted the real Thanksgiving deal and were going to have a turkey and all the other good Thanksgiving-y shit for Saturday dinner. Since I wanted to partake and yet have a billion food intolerances this required extra planning and creativity and research.

Instead of potatoes...

Turnips, mutherfuckers!

Have you ever seen such a HUGE fucking turnip?
Did you know that small turnips are preferable,
being less "woody"and having better flavor?
Yeah, me neither :(
And the Happiest Turkey on the Block...

This turkey is $60-worth of happy and is gluten-free.
It better taste like roasted heaven.
It lived a happy life, dining on all organic vegetarian feed
and freely roaming the pasture.
It was killed humanely by the nicest farmer with the kindest smile
and the quickest, sharpest hatchet who probably sang
while decapitating the extremely happy and unsuspecting
really fucking expensive turkey.
And a gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free, potato-free pumpkin pie...

Displaying photo.JPG
Looking so perfect and delicious though a little ragged around the edges
in the beginning.

While exploding cooking

Not entirely sure WTF is going on here.
It totally blew up like a balloon yet remained soupy under that
inflated skin that will, no doubt, be rubbery when cooled.
The menu was to include tolerance-limitations abiding stuffing, too.


I only have one oven and things got kind of off schedule by A LOT. So it's almost midnight and everything is ready except that really fucking happy turkey. 

We're going to eat tomorrow. I'll let you know how it turns out.

Incidentally, we had hot dogs again tonight.

What was your favorite part of Thanksgiving?

What was your least favorite part of Thanksgiving?

Did you get to run a Turkey Trot? Did you win?

Would you rather eat a turnip or an eraser?

Have you ever had hot dogs for a celebratory meal other than the Fourth of July?

did you notice the fall decor in the engagement questions? why are you not answering them? WHERE IS EVERYONE?????

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  1. I pretty much hate Thanksgiving in general. I don't like any of the food, so I'm a real joy to be around. My least favorite part of the day was when Bungee peed on my in-laws' carpet, but my favorite part was yelling at my SIL.


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