December 31, 2013

Only 65 blog posts to recap...but the year had so much more.

It's New Year's Eve and every blogger worth her salt has written or plans to write a year-end retrospective post. Everyone tries to put a special twist on rehashing the same shit they posted day in and day out...calling attention to the highlights mostly with links to the year's posts. Some go all tear-jerker on us and pull out their really depressing lows. It's like a big holiday newsletter, bloggy-style. How can we capitavate our audience and ...


Can I tell you how hard I laughed when the number of those little Instagram year recap slideshow thingies grew exponentially?

Another thing all the bloggers can do that is just like every other blogger!

Like make holiday gift guides.
And share skinny jeans thigh gap photos.
Or develop insane food-intolerances.
And post bikini selfies and ass pics.
Not to mention review ProCompression socks...and other compression socks. EVERYone does that.
Let's not forget that all bloggers like to give shit away and many of us like to get crafty.
And who doesn't LOVE to get FREE SHIT and participate in expensive Disney runs?

As for me, I'm as ready as HRG to meet 2014. Yes, some amazing things happened in this blog and the survival of something near and dear to my heart and finding an amazing new home for my family, but there was so much fucking character-building...

No way am I doing a recap post. Living and learning. Letting it go. Moving on.

Happy New Year!

Oh, shit. That was a recap post, wasn't it? Fuuuuuuckkkkk...

I'm outta here. See you all on the other side.


  1. Happy new year! I have thoroughly enjoyed all 65 of your posts..they never fail to put a smile on my face--an authentic smile at that!

    1. This pleases me greatly. Now start pimping my blog to #pumppageviews for me!

  2. Ha ha ha! This cracked me up SO hard! The holidays always seem to be a major "mark as read" time for me due to all the similar posts we see. LOL. Happy New Year!

    1. Or you could go all year without reading a single blog and get all the info in one fell swoop! #timesaver!

  3. I still find myself going back to read old posts... I pop onto your blog and see the "you might also like" section and often click on a story to have another smile!!!

    Lets hope 2014 brings you lots to great posts...

  4. You just let it all out, don't you?!? Ha. I don't think I've ever read a post of yours without laughing at the screen. Did you like my recap? "I PRed in the marathon" I got super specific ;)

    1. How many miles was that? I have a friend who once ran a was something like 20 or 30 miles. How many was yours?

  5. I'm sad that I wasn't there for all 65 posts but looking forward to every one of them in 2014!


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