December 2, 2013

Meaningless shit that goes through my head while perusing social media...Part 2: when words are not enough

Part 2


instead of telling you with words what pops into my head when I read or think of
certain bloggers/tweeters/IGers/FBers, I'm giving you what I see in my mind's eye
or, in some cases, a visual to go with my feelings.
Because little moving pictures are fun.
It's a lot shorter this time, but I gave you SIXTEEN last time 
and realized I need to pace myself, so now's a great time to practice 

the boring runner:

Little girl falling asleep while eating

#fitfluential: well, blogging in general.


High Heels + Treadmill
I hope this never happens to you. I'm sure it would happen to me.

sweaty and the lime (a triptych):


OMG #RWRunStreak (AKA Runners World Holiday Running Streak):

also works for oiselle, lululemon, NWM, crossfit, paleo,
people who sign up for 100-milers...the list goes on.

Bart Yasso:

Bart gets to be Haymitch. I'm thinking RER is Peeta. Stuft is Gale. I usually go with HRG when I think of Katniss (without the attitude and negativity) but maybe we'll keep the attitude and negativity and put Ali in there (even though she's not really a RW groupie) because she seems a little lost.
Decisions, decisions...

No meaningless shit post would be complete without 
a nod to the stand-outs from Part 1...

stuftmama and team runner for life...

these two are like gawking at a car wreck... I can't look away :-(
TeamRunner's stepped up his game. He's now retweeting shit from
sites like LadyBoner and ManCrush...
evening up the eye-candy score or something.
Stuftmama is still finding new ways every day to invoke my gag reflex
by stuffing shit into potatoes and squashes.
I like to think I'm her muse,
but I know that's just self-importance.

And HRG said "yes"

I just hope she knew I meant I wouldn't swear in front of her when we're hanging out.

Questions of the Day:

  1. Would you be flattered, appalled, excited, or pissed if YOU were featured? 
  2. If you WERE featured, what was your reaction?
  3. Who (or what) would YOU feature?
  4. Is this how you see ME?


  1. Can't. Stop. Laughing.
    But when I do, I'll head on off to write up my #fitfluential post. After I get my #RWRunStreak on. Yeah, that.

    #4. yes. you. totally.

  2. That is #fitfluential in a nutshell.

    I'd feel like I really made it if I were featured...then again, I'm pretty narcissistic.

  3. I'm totally cheering for you to start gettin' free shit.

  4. Love it. Or is it LOVE. IT. ? Like GOMI only nicer.

    1. Yeah...I don't want to be an asshole. I just want to keep it real.

  5. I've been away from you (and blogging) for too long, glad to see that blogland is still the same. These posts are amazing.

    1. That's what happens when you start skipping the country on a lark ALL THE TIME.

  6. Wait, I missed PART 1??? Heart me some Haymitch.

    1. WHERE IN THE FUCK HAVE YOU BEEN? Off wasted on kombucha probably.

  7. I'd be flabbergasted if I was included.

    1. Prepare to be flabbergasted. And then remember you asked for it :)

  8. and suddenly the hunger games repulses me

    1. perhaps it's just my exploitation of the hunger games that repulses you? i think it's actually RW that repulses you.

  9. Why are you so obsessed with me?

    Haha now I'm even talking in GIFs

  10. I'm taking the short shorts as a compliment. Even if it isn't. Doesn't bad PR turn into good PR, anyway?

  11. Oh my god, these posts are hilarious. I have people I follow/hate-read/love-read/whatever but I lack the 'nads to call 'em out by name, probably because I hate internets drama and also I blog under my full name and shit. So thank you for doing it for me.

  12. HAHAHAHHA...THIS. IS. AWESOME. I LOVE the last one. That's me

  13. This is my first visit to your blog and I'm pretty sure I love you already. ;-)

  14. I tried looking at this on my phone the other day and needed to make time to view this on my computer to fully experience and appreciate the gifs.
    1. Excited. because I don't post enough to be on anyone's radar. And when I do, it's basically running paces and pictures of high desert scrub on the Pacific Crest Trail.
    4. That last gif is kind of how I envision the Angry Runner. I think you might be one level calmer than that.

  15. You are making me read blogs I've never read before. I'm also making a mental note to stop using "LOVE" so often.


Say it. But if you can't own your shit, don't dump it on me.

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