August 28, 2013

What I did this weekend ... and why I don't wear triangle tops.

OheMGeee. I'm sooooo sorry I haven't posted in a long time, dear readers. I hope you all can forgive me. I feel sooooo badly when I miss a day or two...or 69. You all are the best...even you Ukrainian pornfiends who skew my page views something fierce...actually, fuck you. STOP COMING HERE. IT WILL JUST DISAPPOINT YOU AND THE NUMBERS ARE MESSING WITH MY EGO. ***that was directed at the and kinds of visitors ONLY...everyone else, keep coming!***

Anywhooooo...I've had a lot going on this past weekend, what with following the #nuunhtc twitterfeed and IG, and I'm really tired. Truly EXHAUSTED actually. I think it's mostly emotional exhaustion from #teamcherrylimeade not winning the race. Thank goodness I'm not doing spin classes and daily Bikram and training for a marathon in addition to sitting around on my ass or it might take me weeks to recover. What that means, though, is that I have no energy to even blog. But I'm going to channel my inner blognerd and make it happen. #diggingdeep.

Let me just say that I am so glad it's okay to copy other people.

I was #soinspired by a post the other day but was hesitant to give my version lest it come across as copycatting. But then this girl talked about copying someone else. Given that she has an ├╝ber popular blog, she must be doing things right. **confession: I copied her with the rainbow questions...shhhh**

I'll set the stage...

It was a glorious weekend.


Since I wasn't running in the Hood to Coast Relay (with Nuun or otherwise), I decided to make Friday a Vitamin D Day.

From reading that previously referenced top-notch fitness blog, I learned how to do the personal bikini fashion shoot. It's all strategic. ***note: taking strategic shots is a lot more difficult when they're #SELFIES***

I don't do triangle tops either. This is why...

It gets awkward at the community pool or even in the running around, etc.

How about you?

– Do you wear triangle tops? Why or why not?

– Do you wax? How dramatically? Does it hurt?

– Why do YOU think #teamcherrylimeade didn't win? Do you care?

– Have you ever run in a relay? Which one(s)?  *copied that question from a million other blogs*

– Have you ever run a race in a triangle top? How about in a bikini? Crocs?

– What do you do when you are exhausted? Do you take a rest day? 


and P.S. – I've bolded all the key #goodbloggin' phrases and words contained in this post so take note. Feel free to use them or copy me any time.


  1. Never run a race in a triangle bikini, but for the marathon de medoc last year, 12 of us dressed as spartans, which basically meant a lot of chafing and some very strange sun burn. This year, 24 of us are dressing as Princess Leia - not the one where she's tied to Jabba the Hut, but the more demure long white dress one. Hopefully less chafing and more protection from the sun. Red wine stains and beards might be an issue though.

  2. The kids bike in the photos really makes the selfies work. All the bold text tricked me into trying to click them before reading at the end what it meant... thanks

    I tried a triangle bikini once and the selfies were horrible, my giant pectoral muscles kept bulging out.

    I only get my eyebrows waxed so I don't get caterpillar eyebrows.

    My rest day I try to still get some time in the gym to work on my gumby upper body that i earned from running. I do miss Bikram though. And I obviously read your blog when I'm exhausting since it requires minimal effort, right??

  3. I'm surprised that you didn't leap from triangle tops right to the body paint section of Sports Illustrated - yes, I read the articles. I think the desire to run in body paint is the genesis of the #colorruns.


  5. I hate that SI Cover, worst one ever, in my opinion. My 12 year old nephew...well....pretty sure he felt differently about it (and was calculating their age difference in his head).

    I do wear triangle tops sometimes....but, my tatas aren't that big (maybe right now though....milk and all...think my husband is in love times two), so....mine don't ever look like that!

  6. OK question 1: I had better not answer that one...
    Question 2: I don't even shave!
    Question 3: don't knkow don't care
    Question 4:Lots of relays, one was a 24 hour relay 10 man team each running a mile at a time...
    Question 5: I've raced topless and in top hat and tails. 5 fingers
    Question 6: I keep running, I normally still need to get home,

    Now I also want to know about the body paint...

    PS you are really looking like a MILF

  7. I skied in a bikini, I don't wax and my eyesight is going (nuff said), I've run in a couple relays, when I get exhausted I just keep going because I am #soinspiring

    1. That could be painful in icy conditions, me either, thanks for owning it, I want to run one with you in your van...or just drive or navigate while you run, and you are. I am only concerned for your longevity. Love you, cherrylimebabe :)


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