August 1, 2013

Training update...because every little bit counts

I wanted to share my last workout.

It was a memorable 1.8-mile bike ride a little over a week ago.

I had really been on a roll with those elliptical workouts. Of course that's always when tragedy strikes. Too much shit going on. All these fucking kids. Summer vacation. You know the drill. I could do the whole self-deprecating #motherrunner thing. A little self-flagellation because I've missed some key workouts which will prevent me from fulfilling my #BIGDREAMS which I've #DARED2DREAM. Sadly, I've had to keep that #IRUNTHISBODY t-shirt in the drawer. Usually it's lack of interest, but my family's schedule and a medical procedure have been running my body this past week.

So about the bike ride...

My plan was to jump on the bike and whizz around our neighborhood for 20-30 minutes. Get a rhythm, break a sweat...that sort of thing. As luck would have it, my kids were #soinspired by my enthusiasm that they wanted to join in.

Even the 4-year old.

it's almost an #asspic of me.
you can tell she's going to be cooperative.
She can't ride a two-wheeler yet but we now have one of those hook-on bike deals. She LOVES it. I dread it. I knew there was a reason why I skipped this purchase with all the other kids. What a fucking NIGHTMARE. She likes to slalom while I'm riding straight, slamming her body from side to side. It is one mutherfucker of a core workout. It took us 20 minutes to go 1.8 miles. If you snorted in contemptuous disgust when I posted that workout on DailyMile, fuck you.

The next day I had some treatment for my condition that has been preventing me from running and is just a real bitch to deal with in general. I kind of wish it were a stress fracture or ripped hamstring... something get-better-able and recover-from-able. Not only do you get to spend post after post analyzing WHY it happened, but injuries like that garner lots of sympathy and are accompanied by some good drama in addition to ultimately healing and allowing you to run again. You not only get to whine about the injury while it's hurting, but you get to whine about the boring fucking rehab AND then blog extensively about your #comebackjourney and maybe even apply for the #nuunHTC team.

Pretend I didn't say any of that. I don't want to fuck up my chances in the event I do get better.

Do you have a bike?
Ever try Nuun? Hate it or love it?
What's the worst thing that's ever happened to your body?

Going with primary colors for our questions this time. If I get three people to answer all three questions in the comments below, I'll have another giveaway! So tempting, I know! 


  1. I have 2 bikes, my Mnt Bike and a tandem... but i don't get out very often, I feel I should, but I work so i don't really have time!

    what was the other question? Oh about the Nuun, don't get them here in SA.

    Love that bike of yours, but 1.8miles isn't very far, thought you would end up with 20 miles...

    wait I need to answer the 3rd question: worst thing to happen to me? well my hair is turning grey!!! or it could be the stress fracture of the knee! that put me out for 9 months...

    1. 1.8 miles would normally be considered pathetic, but under the circumstances it was fucking epic. And no one got hurt.

  2. I had 2 bikes but the Caveman gave my mountain one away when I wasn't looking. Effer.
    Nuun? Hate it at expos but love it when I'm running and desperate. Especially cherry lime. Well that's the only one I have.
    Worst body thing? Hmmmm I've kevlar and titanium in me. Hard to pick which incident was more epic.

  3. Holy fuck, that NUUN video was brilliant!


  4. Nuun gives me the shits. Am I the only one who can't handle downing fake sugar while working out? Am I the only one who thinks it's silly to have a calorie free sports drink? Probably. I really love calories.

    1. But as a stroller-pushing, ultra running mommy running blogger, you'd be PERFECT for the team. My upcoming giveaway is practicaly tailor-made for you. Except the nuun part, which you could burn in effigy. Or do a craft project with that could then be instagrammed!!!

  5. Pure entertainment as always!

    Yes, a bike I am dying to ride since I've been decommissioned for the last 9 months.

    I've tried Nuun and it was good, but havent had it enough to know if i love it. Generally I like water and salt pills.

    Nothing too traumatic to the body yet. I'll let you kniw uf stepping back out on the road 2.5 weeks post baby causes my pelvic floor to fall out of my body though.

  6. Yes.

    I like Nunn for casual drinking, but I love Hammer lime tablets when I am training.

    Being in a car accident jacked my back for a few weeks.

  7. No bike. Bikes are boring. But I'll probably buy one soon (moving to Oregon-you have to have a bike in Oregon, I hear).

    I actually LIKE Nuun, although the company pisses me off just as much as the next gal. I don't know that it even does anything, but I like some of the flavors.

    That's a very depressing question. The only bone I've ever broken is my pinky toe (friend shoved a couch on it-twice). Apart from that, I've lived a sheltered life.

  8. LOL... I've been slacking on my running too... Wanna know why? It's really ridiculous! I had a blister on one of my toes (from running) so I put a band-aid around it, thinking it was going to keep the toe next to it from rubbing against it. Long story short... during my run, the actual band-aid rubbed the skin right off of the other good toe. I can't seem to sit still so it's refusing to heal and hurts like hell. Who would have though that a tiny bit of missing skin would hurt SOOOO bad. haha


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