August 28, 2013

What I did this weekend ... and why I don't wear triangle tops.

OheMGeee. I'm sooooo sorry I haven't posted in a long time, dear readers. I hope you all can forgive me. I feel sooooo badly when I miss a day or two...or 69. You all are the best...even you Ukrainian pornfiends who skew my page views something fierce...actually, fuck you. STOP COMING HERE. IT WILL JUST DISAPPOINT YOU AND THE NUMBERS ARE MESSING WITH MY EGO. ***that was directed at the and kinds of visitors ONLY...everyone else, keep coming!***

Anywhooooo...I've had a lot going on this past weekend, what with following the #nuunhtc twitterfeed and IG, and I'm really tired. Truly EXHAUSTED actually. I think it's mostly emotional exhaustion from #teamcherrylimeade not winning the race. Thank goodness I'm not doing spin classes and daily Bikram and training for a marathon in addition to sitting around on my ass or it might take me weeks to recover. What that means, though, is that I have no energy to even blog. But I'm going to channel my inner blognerd and make it happen. #diggingdeep.

Let me just say that I am so glad it's okay to copy other people.

I was #soinspired by a post the other day but was hesitant to give my version lest it come across as copycatting. But then this girl talked about copying someone else. Given that she has an ├╝ber popular blog, she must be doing things right. **confession: I copied her with the rainbow questions...shhhh**

I'll set the stage...

It was a glorious weekend.


Since I wasn't running in the Hood to Coast Relay (with Nuun or otherwise), I decided to make Friday a Vitamin D Day.

From reading that previously referenced top-notch fitness blog, I learned how to do the personal bikini fashion shoot. It's all strategic. ***note: taking strategic shots is a lot more difficult when they're #SELFIES***

I don't do triangle tops either. This is why...

It gets awkward at the community pool or even in the running around, etc.

How about you?

– Do you wear triangle tops? Why or why not?

– Do you wax? How dramatically? Does it hurt?

– Why do YOU think #teamcherrylimeade didn't win? Do you care?

– Have you ever run in a relay? Which one(s)?  *copied that question from a million other blogs*

– Have you ever run a race in a triangle top? How about in a bikini? Crocs?

– What do you do when you are exhausted? Do you take a rest day? 


and P.S. – I've bolded all the key #goodbloggin' phrases and words contained in this post so take note. Feel free to use them or copy me any time.

August 18, 2013

I may NOT EVER get to try kabocha squash :(

This is not some kind of comical rant.

This is not some awesome #freeshit giveaway.


I've been having a lot of inflammation issues lately, and I was at a loss. I had been feeling GREAT when I dropped all that weight due to eating nothing. All that greatness had me I thinking I might actually be able to start running again in September.

Then I started eating again.

Just regular stuff. Healthful regular stuff.

After a few weeks of eating, I started getting all inflamed. Migraines, muscle tightness that burned and had me hobbling along like the fucking Crooked Man down the crooked lane. Bloated (not just fat, okay). My cycle was getting all whacked. There's more...but I'll spare you.

I'd been through this before several years ago, and it was recommended that I go on a cleanse. And it worked. And in that process I learned that gluten and dairy and eggs and I are not really friends. It has been over a year since I've had any of those three things. WHICH WAS TORTURE. Now I'm used to it.

My previous experience led me to believe food might be the culprit again. But what? Seriously. WHAT? I AM ALREADY WORKING WITH A SEVERELY LIMITED FOOD PALATE, PEOPLE.

I went to my doctor and said, " a girl out." I went on to say that based on my near-starvation experience, I was leaning toward some kind of food being the cause since resuming eating appeared to have sparked the inflammation. She agreed and ran some tests.

The results:

Stop eating potato and fish.

All things potato and all things fish.

I love my tilapia :(

And kabocha is on the list...and I never even got to try it.


It's looking like that Dragon Warrior Diet might be happening again.

It's really going to take me a while to process missing out on the kabocha craze.

The giveaway. Right. You people and your constant grubbing for #freeshit... Because it's MY giveaway on MY blog, I'm doing things however the fuck I please. In light of that declaration, Becci wins the TigerTail, so she needs to give me her mailing info. Since she can't stomach Nuun, that goes to someone else. All the shit besides the TigerTail will be divided unequally amongst the first three contestants to email me via the contact page info. And anyone else who entered and emails me will get some other awesome random crap I have lying around. We're moving and I need to clear shit out. Thanks for playing. And remember...there's always next time.

August 12, 2013

Sunday Seven

Okay, I'm still not ready to announce the winner of the not-so-hotly contested #HTCRelay giveaway. I'm shuffling around in my slippy-slips feeling sorry for my unpopular self. ONLY SIX PEOPLE ENTERED :( It would have only been FIVE, but I let RoseRunner in after closing because she's seen me half naked in real life. I should have asked for application videos. I probably would have had a much higher number of entrants because every blogger worth his or her #Chobani loves prancing about on video, especially given the chance of scoring more #FREESHIT! Although I guess the low turnout is probably more indicative of the fact that bloggers are tapped the fuck out on #HTCRelay and #nuun. I should have gone #Ragnar.

But I digress.  every blogger says that, right? it's part of the The Blogger Credo...Thou shalt digress and then state thou beist digressing.

It's been awhile since I've followed proper blogger format, and I'm really not into it tonight but it's been over a week since I posted and y'all might worry that I'm disappearing again (LIKE YOU GIVE A SHIT, I KNOW) so here we go with some Good Blogger alliteration because it's easy and people fucking LOVE alliteration.

Seven random "best" things on Sunday. Cool.

1. Best Belt Buckle I saw all week

you on the airplane?
if you have trouble inflating the life vest,
just BLOW into the
2. Best use of sad puppydog eyes 
My son trying to get me to buy him A FIVE DOLLAR ICE CREAM SANDWICH.

You could buy a pound of bacon, cook it the fuck up,
peel off the top cookie layer of a regular ice cream sandwich,
squish it back together all for LESS THAN 5 fucking dollars.

I said "NO."

And if you follow me on INSTAGLOAT you would have already been exposed to those photojournalistic gems. WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR???? CLICK THAT LINK BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE.

3. & 4. & 5. 
Best Weight-Gain Journey Photos
and dropped about 15 lbs. simply by not eating.
Imagine that!
And over the past 8 weeks, I've gained it back and then some.
Thank you, avocados and macadamias.
also before I cleaned the bathroom mirror
Same jeans with about 10 lbs more ass packed in there.
Another 2.5 lbs in each boob and
the remaining 5 slathered evenly around the midsection.

6. Best condom ad my husband shared with me

7. Best link friend sent me 
I saw this commercial and just kept going

I'll try to remember to announce the winners tomorrow, but that would mean posting two days in a row. I know what you're saying...

Bitch, you just phoned that shit in today. Doesn't even count. You were all gonna post every mutherfucking day no matter what. You suck. 

And you know what I say?


Do you ever post just to post and not really give a shit what you've written? Do you think people know? Do you care? 

August 1, 2013

Training update...because every little bit counts

I wanted to share my last workout.

It was a memorable 1.8-mile bike ride a little over a week ago.

I had really been on a roll with those elliptical workouts. Of course that's always when tragedy strikes. Too much shit going on. All these fucking kids. Summer vacation. You know the drill. I could do the whole self-deprecating #motherrunner thing. A little self-flagellation because I've missed some key workouts which will prevent me from fulfilling my #BIGDREAMS which I've #DARED2DREAM. Sadly, I've had to keep that #IRUNTHISBODY t-shirt in the drawer. Usually it's lack of interest, but my family's schedule and a medical procedure have been running my body this past week.

So about the bike ride...

My plan was to jump on the bike and whizz around our neighborhood for 20-30 minutes. Get a rhythm, break a sweat...that sort of thing. As luck would have it, my kids were #soinspired by my enthusiasm that they wanted to join in.

Even the 4-year old.

it's almost an #asspic of me.
you can tell she's going to be cooperative.
She can't ride a two-wheeler yet but we now have one of those hook-on bike deals. She LOVES it. I dread it. I knew there was a reason why I skipped this purchase with all the other kids. What a fucking NIGHTMARE. She likes to slalom while I'm riding straight, slamming her body from side to side. It is one mutherfucker of a core workout. It took us 20 minutes to go 1.8 miles. If you snorted in contemptuous disgust when I posted that workout on DailyMile, fuck you.

The next day I had some treatment for my condition that has been preventing me from running and is just a real bitch to deal with in general. I kind of wish it were a stress fracture or ripped hamstring... something get-better-able and recover-from-able. Not only do you get to spend post after post analyzing WHY it happened, but injuries like that garner lots of sympathy and are accompanied by some good drama in addition to ultimately healing and allowing you to run again. You not only get to whine about the injury while it's hurting, but you get to whine about the boring fucking rehab AND then blog extensively about your #comebackjourney and maybe even apply for the #nuunHTC team.

Pretend I didn't say any of that. I don't want to fuck up my chances in the event I do get better.

Do you have a bike?
Ever try Nuun? Hate it or love it?
What's the worst thing that's ever happened to your body?

Going with primary colors for our questions this time. If I get three people to answer all three questions in the comments below, I'll have another giveaway! So tempting, I know! 

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