June 21, 2013

WITFF... AKA more than WIAW

Anyone can take a couple of photos one day a week and try to impress the world with their nutritious and delicious comestibles. I challenge the health and fitness blogging world to share the contents of their refrigerators every Friday using the new meme


The real challenge is in the labeling of the fridge contents using Picasa Web.

What a fucking pain in the ass.

How many times a week do you go grocery shopping?

Do you buy organic?

How much Chobani do you buy? And how much chia?

Do you prefer your Junior Mints frozen or at room temperature?

Please answer my questions. I feel like I'm blogging to the wall. Except for Marie. And WTF is up with so few entries in my kick ass giveaway? Like, a thousand people enter a giveaway for a goddamned $50 Target gift card. You still have to go to fucking Target to redeem it. I, on the other hand, will send you free shit right to your door. It's worth almost fifty bucks – especially if you include shipping. Check it out here. Enter. 


  1. What the hell do you have licey head hair in your freezer for? I can't answer any of your questions because I'm stuck on the hair.


  2. I grocery shop once a week. I do not buy organic because I am cheap. I don't buy chobani, but I buy lots of chia, and currently eating some now in my oatmeal. I love frozen Junior Mints!

    My fridge looks a lot like yours, minus the lice hair.

  3. I love WITFF! Mine needs a good clean, so I bet there are grosser things than licey hair (though WTF?) in it right now. Let's see: I go grocery shopping multiple times per week because I am always forgetting something, I do buy organic for most things, I prefer Voskos to Chobani, no chia ever, and frozen!

  4. I had to wait 10 years before people starting commenting on my blog, so sit the fuck down and be patient.
    1 Too many. I always forget one crucial thing, like diapers or vodka.
    2 Only some stuff like produce/fruit that's known to have a lot of pesticides, and even then, only if I'm feeding it to the baby. (I figure my husband and I are already fucked anyway.)
    3 None. A bag of chia goes for like 14 bucks in my land. Fuck a lot of that.
    4 I eat my junior mints at room temp but I freeze my thin mints. Pa-POW.


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