June 23, 2013


...is a word the lazy use to describe the dedicated.

Someone put this on Twitter. I've seen it elsewhere, too. And I think I even said it way back when I was an OBSESSED athlete.

Totally a crock of shit.

"Obsessed" is a word the unobsessed use to describe the fucking OBSESSED.

I'm not trying to say that all obsession is going to be entirely detrimental to one's life. I am saying that, speaking from personal experience and observation, a great deal of obsession is rooted in and results in dysfunction.

I caution the unobsessed and those envious of the obsessed against coveting obsession. It can be a very, very slippery slope.

This from Psychology Today –

Let us first examine the meaning of obsessions: Clinical psychologists think of them as fixations with an object, person or activity -- they are abnormal because they impair our capacity to love and work. 

The non-clinical connotation of "obsessions", on the other hand, refers to a disproportionate or unusual focus on something.

While actual obsession can assist one in reaching the pinnacle of one's chosen field professionally, artistically or athletically, one always pays a dear price. Relationships are hindered and outside experiences are limited due to the consuming nature of obsession, to name a few of these prices.

Labeling someone as "lazy" because they're calling you on your shit doesn't fly with living a healthy life.

It is entirely possible to be dedicated without being obsessed. A healthy individual can see the difference. I'm a believer is word choice. Perhaps the word we'd like to use to describe ourselves is "focused" rather than "obsessed."

But then again, OBSESSED sounds a lot more dramatic than "focused," and despite their protestations, a lot of people are more into drama than they are able to acknowledge.

Are you obsessed? With what? 
–No. Nothing.

Are you 'in recovery'? From what?
–Yes. Exercise obsession.

What does "obsession" mean to you?
–Overly focused on something (person, activity, thing) to the point of severely limiting other outside-of-the-obsession interactions/thoughts/interests/etc. Results in a narrowing of life scope as opposed to personal expansion.

Okay, so today I'm not being funny. There is no satire here. I'm just filling today's Blog Every Single Mutherfucking Day NO MATTER WHAT requirement. The point of view expressed is mine. You can disagree and tell me all about it on Facebook, Twitter or in a comment. I'll still respect you in the morning.

Cue to 1:04.


  1. That was too intelligent of a post to read & come up with an intelligent response.

    Truth: a lot of people are more into drama than they are able to acknowledge.

    Oh my heck, that is way too true.

    That's all. My goal is to comment on your posts daily. It's gonna be a long month, huh? ;)

  2. Christ knows why I am sharing this. But maybe if I share this I can stop obsessing and giving a shit about drama. And release. And find freedom. But you asked what one obsesses over. I'm obsessed with finding answers of my life. And how it managed to be a complete and utter lie for like 7 years (holy fuck depressing!!!!) life is funny like that. And as that wonderful Smiths song said "kick the grime of world in the crotch,dear"

  3. My wife thinks I'm odsessed with facebook.... but I'm not, it's just that I spend a lot of time running (maybe that is where my obsession is) it's nice to see what is happening in the world of my friends...

    1. Quiz: what did the sharks say to Marlin?

      If you can't answer this, go back and watch that video.

  4. I AM a little obsessed. With you. So glad you're back into the blogging game.


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