June 23, 2013

How in the fuck do people blog every single mutherfucking day?

And some people blog multiple times per day. How do they do that?


Don't answer that.

I don't EVER want to feel compelled to try it out.

Here I am on Day 3 of Blog Every Single Mutherfucking Day NO MATTER WHAT Month and all I can think of to say is that I'm giving the shitty purple socks and the killer DVD of sweaty guys in microskirts to Amy (who is extra cool because she has no blog). Go wild, girl. If you didn't win don't worry. We're moving and I'm sure to unearth tons of crap awesome items for future giveaway fodder.

Hmmmmm. Thinking – what can I tell you?

I did go to the beach today with my family, but I took zero pictures and didn't meet up with any other bloggers so nobody really wants to hear about it.

I didn't work out even a teeny bit except to load and unload the truck going to and from the beach. Big family = lots of shit when you go to the beach = a lot of work to load and unload. Nothing for DailyMile though.

I ate nothing noteworthy. Not even the licey hair in my freezer.

I did not wear new running shoes or any other running gear at all for the entire day. No gear review.

I still have gotten no free shit but I'm not surprised because I did take two months off of blogging.

The big excitement of the day is probably that everyone got sunburned because I did a shitty job sunscreening us all. I tend to neglect that, chalking my lameness up to making sure we are all getting enough Vitamin D. That's legit. We are a nation deprived of Vitamin D largely due to the Big Money sunscreen manufacturers and the chemical companies that supply them with the anti-sun stuff.

It's a conspiracy.

I know it.

I read about it on the Internet.

What do YOU think is a conspiracy?

Are you a Conspiracy Theorist?

Do you use your sunscreen regularly?

I'm getting really good at these engagement questions – and especially at choosing coordinating colors for them.


  1. And now you cant even blog about the importance of sun protection, either, b/c you aren't good at it. What are we going to do with you?

  2. Maybe conspiracy theories skip a generation. I am not, but my 17 year old is. THE WORLD has it in for him, and doing chores without an allowance means (because he's grounded) means we have a slave. Maybe I should start a blog about him. THAT would give me enough to write about multiple times a day.

    I only use sunscreen on race days, now that I think about it. Training runs don't payoff til race day, so sunscreen doesn't work until then, either? Add that to my weirdo issue list ;)

  3. Kerry B's comment that I inadvertently deleted:

    I love sunscreen but only becayse I'm vein vain and don't want to age.... well it's either sunblock or beer. I won't give up beer so I give up tan.
    conspiracy.... ugh I have tons. I think the world is out to keep me poor...is that a conspiracy or I'm just an idiot... probably both
    dairy industry is a conspiracy... my kids get plenty of calcium and vit.d being dairy free so suck it dr, government and other nah- sayers.

  4. I do! Only because I've had skin cancer... one of the scary types. My burning and cutting sessions are much shorter at the dermo these days, thanks to religious SPF50 lately. I slather... you know, for the anti-aging benes too. If it would help tit sag, I'd slather those too. Damn gravity.

  5. I'm a sunscreen fanatic. I slather that stuff one like there's no tomorrow. Mainly because I'm vain. At 51 I'm doing pretty good in with no crows feet, not many wrinkles and not much sun damage. My friends make fun of my white sheen and sun protective clothing. Then they bug me for my skin care secrets. :)


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