June 26, 2013

A MizunOde and other haikus


annoying Twitter hashtag –
hail consumerism!


Running in the rain,
she frolics through some puddles
in soggy-ass socks.

^ ^ ^ ^ ^

Dog shit twixt my toes...

Broken green bottles lurking.

Barefoot running bliss.

<*> <*> <*>

Oatmeal is stringy.
Egg white cervical mucus
makes today's breakfast.


  1. your haiku makes me
    want to masturbate with oats
    inside a wet sock.

  2. Holy crap! I'm out getting all Mezamashii with my Sayonara's and you're blogging and haikuing like crazy! And. AND I come back to see I did not win the shitty purple socks? EGCM for sure.

    1. MILF rewards the faithful.

      O, you're pretty faithful...just not this past week when I've been posting Every Single Mutherfucking Day NO MATTER WHAT. Except for a couple of days ago when I forgot.

  3. Um I just discovered your blog, and can I just say? It pretty much rocks my world. You are hilarious. Please blog every day, even if it's just to make fun of the bloggers who blog every day.

  4. I thought / hoped / dreamed that your toes would be sexier...

    or should I say:

    I hoped, dreamed
    that your toes be sexier,
    But I was very wrong...

    1. Once my youngest starts school in the fall I'll have time for pedicures. And my toes are actually quite sexy. Just not very photogenic.

  5. Wow...You are more profound than I am....cervical mucous makes today's breakfast...that's fucking poetic genius. I love it! I'm signing up so I can read you all the time. I have a lot to catch up on! Love you!


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