March 17, 2013

I could give you a fake race report...

Because I didn't run a race. And as someone mentioned somewhere recently, race reports are kind of the bread and butter of the running blog. Don't think I don't wish I had a race report to give you, because I really wish I did. But I'm not going to be some kind of psychobitch who seriously fucks her shit up by running with a significant body issue. More on that soon. So instead, I'll give you this late-breaking update to our saga

I refuse to be a Betty ever again.

Been there, done that. Got the badass label tattooed on my seriously injured, foolish, self-destructive ass to prove it.

Hope all my racing readers out there in BloggyLand weren't too inspiring and badass this weekend. Hope y'all ran smart and strong and fast, and had a blast. That's what the game is really all about.

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