January 4, 2013

An Introduction


I'm MILF Runner, and this is my corner of the internet.

I know it's hard to get excited about yet another running mommy blog, but you'll want to follow this one. Add it to your reader, subscribe via email, follow on Twitter or Facebook – whatever works best for you. It will entertain, provoke thought, and sometimes make you uncomfortable. 

Who am I and what am I about? All in good time.

Let's explore this starting with my title: MILF Runner.

I'm not a member of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front, which leaves us with Mom I'd Like to Fuck.

Am I?

It's debatable.

But wouldn't we all like to be? I mean, isn't that what those sparkly skirts are for?


  1. Hi! I get to be your first commenter! Yay! I don't actually say "yay!" in real life! Or shout and use exclamation points! But it's kind of strange to be the first commenter on a person's first blog entry (!). Love your blog title, can tell from your writing you're a funny one. But honestly, you had me at "What a bunch of fuckers" over on the Scary Mommy blog comments section. :)

    1. Being the first commenter of all time on a blog (as differentiated from the first commenter on a popular blog's daily post) shows tremendous balls and coolness. What if the blog sucks? Then there you are, stuck with having your name attached to a piece of shit (which isn't the case here, obviously).

  2. I once published a blog entry about how boring I'd become, so my name is already attached to a piece of shit. But I have high hopes that I'm attaching myself to some good shit here.

  3. Hi, I have added you to my Bloglovin feed. Looking forward to your next posts. Maybe you may even motivate me to start running again.

    1. Thanks! And if I do happen to motivate you to get moving – GO, ME! And go, you, too, I guess. But really – what's stopping you?

  4. Finally, an explanation for the sparkly skirts. No wonder I don't own any - I'm no MILF.


Say it. But if you can't own your shit, don't dump it on me.

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